Labour council does Con-Dems’ dirty work. We must prepare for battle!

Protestors linked arms blocking entrances to Birmingham Council House speaking to councillors as they entered for the budget setting meeting. During the meeting a protestor shouted from te pulic gallery and later denounced the cuts on the floor of the chamber in front of the Lord Mayor’s seat. This prompted the public gallery to be cleared by security guards.

None of this stopped the council voting through cuts of £102 million (10% of the revenue budget). Cuts include the closure of four children’s homes, £475,000 reduction from the youth service, a £35 charge for the clearance of garden waste, stopping providing free refuse bags and 1000 redundancies. Only one of the 77 Labour councillors failed to vote for cuts. All council leader Sir Albert Bore would say is that the ConDem government have treated Birmingham more harshly than other areas.

Brummies will not be so complacent about the destruction of our services and the anti-cuts movement is growing. Labour have turned making cuts into an article of faith and a core part of their programme. The anti-cuts movement is planning a widespread electoral challenge next year.