Co-ordinating The Fightback – Midlands Shop Stewards Network Conference

With workers across the Midlands facing attacks on jobs, pay and pensions, the Tories attacking PCS and planning even more restrictive anti-trade union laws and zero hour contracts presenting a challenge for our movement in many industries, activists will be gathering in Birmingham to discuss how we can build strong, democratic and fighting unions.

Open to all trade unionists (shop steward or not!), the National Shop Stewards Network brings together activists from across the union movement (with the official backing of eight national unions). This year’s Midlands regional conference will be a chance to share experiences of both problems and successes, discussing how we can defeat the attacks that workers face.

With plenty of opportunities for all to speak from the floor, speakers will include the regional chair of the FBU, representatives from the national executives of PCS and the NUT, a young zero-hours activist from the Youth Fight For Jobs campaign and several other leading trade unionists from the region.

The meeting will take place from 12-4pm on Saturday 14th March, at the Unite offices on Broad St in Birmingham City Centre. Trade union branches, trades councils and NSSN groups are invited to sponsor the conference (£10, £25, £50 or more); for more info contact brumnssn(at) or call 0777 193 1185.

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