Putting The Case For Socialism

Birmingham Trade Unionist & Socialist Coalition members recently held a successful launch meeting for our general campaign in Erdington. On the back of two weeks leafleting we attracted over 30 people to the public meeting, including trade union activists, residents’ association members, bedroom tax campaigners and local people wanting to find out more. The meeting heard from candidate and rail worker Ted Woodley, as well as former socialist MP Dave Nellist, famous for taking only the average wage of workers in Coventry. All TUSC candidates pledge to follow in his footsteps and do the same if elected, as well as voting against cuts, privatisation and war.

Dave Nellist (left), Eamonn Flynn (centre), Ted Woodley (right)
Dave Nellist (left), Eamonn Flynn (centre), Ted Woodley (right)

Meanwhile, Yardley candidate Eamonn Flynn addressed an election hustings held in South Yardley library. This provided an excellent chance to lay into the main parties on their records of cutting services, funding foreign wars and swindling expenses. In particular answers on questions about the government’s regime of benefit sanctions, tax avoidance by the super rich and the money wasted on nuclear missiles were well received by the audience.

In Erdington, Yardley and round the city we’ll be holding meetings, knocking on doors and putting out leaflets with the case for an anti-austerity, anti big business, socialist alternative. If you’d like to help, or simply find out more, then get in touch