How Women Started The Russian Revolution

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On Monday 6th March we’ll be having a public meeting at 7pm upstairs at The Victoria in Birmingham City Centre to mark International Women’s Day by discussing how, 100 years ago, it sparked off the Russian Revolution of 1917.

Despite the backwardness of Russia at the time, the revolution led to women being able to play a full role in many aspects of society at the time. This included the provision of creches and communal laundries to ease the burden of housework, the right to vote, plus reproductive and marriage rights unmatched elsewhere at the time. Despite these gains being taken away by the Stalinist regime that later developed, they provide a glimpse into the real steps towards gender equality for all women, not just the few, that could be achieved under socialism.

Want to do some background reading beforehand? Check out this article by Birmingham Central comrade Corinthia Ward from this week’s issue of The Socialist