Happy New Year!

Happy new year from Birmingham Socialist Party!


We’ll be picking up where we left off in 2016 with weekly meetings and campaigning activity in Birmingham Centre Centre and Acocks Green, as well as stepping up our efforts in The Black Country – check the meetings page for updates.


We’ll also be building for the national protest in defence of the NHS in London on Saturday March 4th – get in touch for details of coaches going down.



And lastly, 2017 will be the 100th anniversary of the Russian Revolution. The ruling class will take every chance to bury the history of this momentous event beneath an avalanche of distortions and outright lies. To learn more about the real history and lessons for today from 1917, follow this Facebook page and watch this space for details of meetings we’ll be holding locally.

Brum MPs Oppose The Cuts – They Should Fight Them!

Six years and £650 million worth of cuts later, and it seems that finally Birmingham’s MPs are starting to take notice on the misery being inflicted on some of the worst off in our city.

During a debate in parliament earlier this week, Steve McCabe, Jack Dromey, Jess Phillips and Roger Godsiff took it in turns to denounce the massacre of local services that has taken place in Birmingham since 2010.

They were quite correct to point out the “dire consequences” (McCabe) for the city’s homeless population (now four times larger than six years ago). They weren’t wrong about the near extinction of youth services either (Godsiff), or the £113 million further cuts to come next year.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like they’ll be using their position to call on Birmingham City Council to resist the cuts to local services that the Tory government are demanding.


Birmingham council workers protesting outside the Council House

Despite the years of cuts, the council retains £389m in reserves. These, along with the council’s borrowing powers, could be used to set a legal no-cuts budget that meets the needs of the city.

This would provide an opportunity for Birmingham’s Labour MPs to not just decry the cuts from the green benches of parliament, but to build a campaign of residents and council workers to force the Tories to reinstate the funding stolen from Birmingham over the last six years. Liverpool City Council did just this successfully in the 80s, under the leadership of Militant, The Socialist Party’s predecessor.

In reality though, Birmingham City Council’s Labour group have instead demonstrated that they have been only too willing to carry out hundreds of millions of pounds of brutal cuts without firing a single shot in defence of the city’s poor and vulnerable. Shame on them!

For more info on how a legal no cuts budget could be won by Labour councillors in Birmingham, see this article by Socialist Party executive committee member Clive Heemskerk

After Fidel Castro – defend gains of Cuban revolution, resist capitalist restoration & fight for workers’ democracy!

Reposted from Coventry Socialist Party



As millions of ordinary working class people across the world wake up to the  sad news of Fidel Castro’s passing we post here selected articles from the archives and a series of links to articles the Socialist Party and the international organisation we are part of – the Committee For Workers International.




These include a review of ‘My Life – Fidel Castro’ by Tony Saunois from 2008.

Meanwhile ‘Cuba at a crossroads’ is an article from September 2015, written in reponse to the opening up of bilateral agreements and relations between the Cuban Regime and the USA state.

For more in depth reading we would urge anyone interested in the situation to read Peter Taffe’s book: Cuba – Socialism and Democracy




We would highlight the following paragraphs to summarise where Cuba stands today after Castro’s death and under the threat of further capitalist restoration…

Under the conditions of new international capitalist crisis, moves towards capitalist restoration can be checked. A mixed or hybrid situation could continue for some time. Initially such gains from the revolution such as the health care and the education system may be maintained although even these have suffered greatly from lack of investment in the recent period. Many obstacles remain to be overcome and some resistance is likely as the reality of capitalist restoration becomes apparent. Sections of the population are already fearful of loosing the gains of the revolution and of Cuba being turned into another Puerto Rico.

The need to build resistance to the developing pace of capitalist restoration and struggle for a genuine workers’ democracy and nationalised planned economy in Cuba is more urgent that ever. Such a movement could link together with the working class and youth throughout Latin America which is increasingly moving into struggle to defend its interests and begin to offer a real socialist alternative to capitalism which has fully learnt the lessons of the Cuban revolution.

These are the urgent steps needed to prevent the tendency towards capitalist restoration, defend the gains of the revolution and begin to build a genuine democratic socialist society based on workers’ democracy and democratic control.

Cuba: At a crossroads
12/09/2015, Gains of the revolution of Che Guevara and Fidel Castro under threat
Tony Saunois, CWI

Cuba: 50 years since the Revolution

21/01/2009, End the sanctions! For workers’ democracy to defend and extend social gains!
Marcus Kollbrunner, Socialismo Revolucionário (CWI Brazil)

Cuba: ‘My life– Fidel Castro’

02/04/2008, Book review
Tony Saunois, CWI

Cuba: Castro’s resignation opens up new chapter

21/02/2008, What are the prospects for the revolution?
Peter Taaffe, Socialist Party (CWI England and Wales)

Cuba: What will happen after Castro?

25/09/2006, US imperialism certainly expects ‘regime change’, not just in the government of Cuba but also in its social system.
Peter Taaffe

Cuba: Can the revolution survive?

31/01/2005, What are the prospects for Cuba today?
Peter Taaffe, cwi

Cuba: How to defend the Cuban revolution26/04/2003,
Celso Calfullan, Socialismo Revolucionario, Chile

Cuba: Socialism and Democracy
31/05/2000, Peter Taaffe, International Secretariat of the CWI and general secretary of the Socialist Party (CWI England & Wales)

Former Militant MP Featured On BBC Sunday Politics


Dave Nellist fighting his expulsion from the Labour Party (pic: BBC Sunday Politics)

Watch Dave Nellist on The Sunday Politics (from 40:45)

Dave Nellist was on the Sunday Politics today discussing the application from 75 expelled Labour Party members, including himself, to rejoin the party and support Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership.

Dave was a Labour MP and was expelled in the early 90s for his support for backing the campaign to build non-payment of Thatcher’s Poll Tax. The Sunday Politics said he was “synonymous with the most radical side of Labour.”

During the feature a clip was shown from one of the many meetings held by Militant members fighting the witch-hunt within the party. Two of the speakers on the platform were Tony Benn and Jeremy Corbyn himself!

Some people in the Labour Party are apparently “terrified” of the prospect of our members being allowed to rejoin. Why is that? Why are our ideas so terrifying to the right-wing “moderates”? Apparently they are to John Spellar MP, who referred to us as “dedicated Trotskyists” with our own organisation.

He also claimed that we “caused trouble” in Coventry. What trouble would that be John? Having a Labour MP elected in 1983 and 1987 on an increased majority? Was it ‘causing trouble’ that Dave only took a workers wage, unlike the majority of politicians who take the massive salaries and claim huge expenses on top?

We are not ashamed of  our ideas or methods.
Are we Trotskyists? Guilty.
Are we organised? Guilty.
Do we support Jeremy Corbyn against the so called moderates? Guilty.
Are we Socialists? Guilty.
Are we committed to replacing capitalism with a new type of society that puts the needs of working people and the planet before private profit? Guilty – and proud of it!

We will continue to help organise campaigns against the capitalist austerity cuts that are damaging so many lives. All Labour MPs and Councillors should be doing the same!

Capitalism has long proven that it can not provide even the basics for the majority of the population here in the UK and around the world. We need socialist change more than ever and that explains why Jeremy Corbyn has gained so much support amongst people.

Socialist Struggle and Black Lives Matter in the USA – Come to our public meeting!

7:30pm, Tuesday 15th November, upstairs at The Victoria, John Bright Street, B1 1BN

Featuring Black Lives Matter and Socialist Alternative activist Darletta Scruggs, from Chicago, USA!

Come and discuss:

The USA after the presidential election –
What next for Socialists?
How will the Black Live Matter movement develop?
How do we respond to Trump?
can a new party of the 99% be built?
…and many more questions and issues!!

Socialist Alternative member Darletta Scruggs on Fox News earlier this year

Following the fantastic victory of the socialist councillor Kshama Sawant in Seattle, the magnificent struggle for a $15/hour minimum wage, the tremendous rise of the Black Lives Matter movement and the massive rise of socialist support around Bernie Sanders.

Radical socialist ideas are finding a wider audience in the most powerful capitalist country of them all!

It comes against the backdrop of one of the most polarizing and divisive US elections we have seen in recent times.

With two of the most hated candidates in US election history, the anti-establishment mood fueling Trump’s campaign, the dysfunction of the Republican party and on-going federal investigation of Clinton’s state department emails represent splits and fractures in the ruling class

Darletta Scruggs is a young activist in these working class struggles and a member of Socialist Alternative – our co-thinkers in the USA. She will be speaking at the Socialist Party’s ‘Rally for Socialism’ on the evening of Saturday 11 November in central London – part of the weekend event, Socialism 2016 and coming up to Birmingham.

Catch her speaking and join the debate on Tuesday 15th November, 7:30pm, upstairs at The Victoria, John Bright Street, B1 1BN. Also, be sure to click ‘Going’ and share the Facebook event

PUBLIC MEETING: How can Jeremy Corbyn consolidate his victory? WIll the right wing split?

Jeremy Corbyn has been triumphantly re-elected with an even bigger majority in all sections of the Labour Party.
We in the Socialist Party warmly welcome the result and support Jeremy in his struggle to change the Labour Party.
The urgent  question now is how to neutralise the Blairite and careerist Labour MPs and councillors who will never accept Jeremy’s leadership and will try to derail Jeremy’s efforts to transform and re-energise the party.
Join us next Monday evening to discuss the situation and hear the Socialist Party’s programme to consolidate the election victory and furthermore to bring about a socialist society.
7.30pm Monday 3rd October
The Wellington (top floor meeting room)
37 Bennett’s Hill, city centre B2 5SN
Speaker: Hannah Sell, Socialist Party deputy general secretary and former Labour NEC member 
call/text 0744 742 5494/0784 931 8609
Facebook event here

A reply to South Birmingham Momentum


Momentum South Birmingham published an article on their blog on 24th August attacking the Socialist Party, focusing in particular on a recent interview by Channel 4 News of our general secretary, Peter Taaffe.

We have responded and look forward to Momentum South Birmingham posting our reply in order to take the debate forward. 

Below is our response followed by the article in question:

It was very disappointing to read on a Momentum page the article headed “Tom Watson’s Trots and Peter Taaffe’s delusions of grandeur”. This hardly appears to be the promotion of ‘nicer politics’.

Putting disappointment to one side, what does the article argue?

Firstly it’s author –named ‘JC’- argues disingenuously that (Trotskyists) ‘have publicly refused to join the Labour Party’. But that’s not what Peter Taaffe said is it? In fact the article goes on to accuse Taaffe of endangering Jeremy Corbyn by saying he expected to be back in the Labour Party. ‘JC’ cannot have it both ways!

In fact the Socialist Party has given clear support to Jeremy Corbyn. It moved policy in the CWU that secured that unions support for Jeremy. In UNITE they won support for democratic measures including reselection of MP’s.

In the event of Jeremy’s re-election we have called for consolidation of that victory by creating a fully democratic and socialist Labour Party and made clear we would like to affiliate to such a party.

Currently socialists who have publicly and electorally challenged the Blairites over 20 years are being told they must abandon their colleagues and associations –and presumably ideas- to join only as individuals – this while the old machine still rules undemocratically leaving no clue as to whether the machine will allow them to join anyway.

More’s the point Militant supporters were expelled from (New) Labour. They did not run away from it.

Once the Marxist left ceased to be merely workhorses for MP’s and councillors and over time became officers, councillors and MP’s (who, like Dave Nellist -and embarrassingly for right wing MP’s- found they could live quite happily on just a workers wage!) the right wing sought to drive them out of the Labour Party.

For the crime of fighting Maggie Thatcher in Liverpool many councillors were expelled (despite winning the best electoral results in Liverpool’s history). It was an expellable offence to be an organiser of the Anti-Poll Tax Federation campaign that defeated Mrs Thatcher and sank her.

The right wing went on to abandon the socialist Clause 4 part 4 of Labour’s constitution and transformed into a Tory-lite party that has seen Labour lose 5 million votes and create many policies such as privatisation, PFI, academies etc on which the Tories have gleefully built upon. It was no accident that when asked what her greatest achievement was Mrs Thatcher said “New Labour”.

The second charge is that Peter Taaffe by appearing on TV damaged Jeremy’s re-election bid by being part of a red scare story. But Jeremy himself said Watsons comments were nonsense. He said he’d look forward to a chat with Peter Taaffe. Why then, on Momentums pages, is this derogatory piece repeating the use of “Trot” as an insult? To do so is to play the media’s game. We would point out that Jeremy did move in Parliament for Trotsky to be rehabilitated.

‘JC’ says; “He (Taaffe) knew the effect that these words would have,…the awkward position it would put the leadership team. It would be yet another round of bad headlines to fend off”. JC suggests Taaffe did it ‘to sell a few more papers’ and then clearly implies that Taaffe would be happier if Jeremy lost.

Can we be clear? We –alongside colleagues including Bob Crow and the Rail Union RMT and others – believed that with New Labour being a Tory second XI, working people needed a new party to stand up for them, and we worked to establish the roots for one. Now with the possibility of the transformation of Labour, true working class representation could be achieved without having to start from square one and WE WELCOME and seek to aid that possibility.

Of course the rabid media sought to use the Socialist Party to attack Jeremy Corbyn. But they use Rail journeys to attack him too. Should Jeremy be condemned for travelling by train?

What were the Socialist Party who were bureaucratically expelled from the Labour Party for fighting the Tories supposed to say? ‘No Comment’? We won’t appear or speak?

Would that have called the media hyena’s off? No of course it wouldn’t. It would have intensified the media attacks on socialists and on Jeremy. It would have been tantamount to saying ‘We know we’re villains, so we’re lying low’. Socialists must answer the attacks made by Britain’s elite, not hide when attacked.

But what is ‘JC’ really arguing? That Marxists, ‘Trots’ etc should not be allowed in the Labour Party? That Kinnock’s and Blair’s expulsions were right? That if anti-austerity Greens wanted to join Labour that that would be embarrassing or ‘awkward’? All this to placate –and without any success- a right wing determined to destroy Jeremy’s leadership?

Is ‘JC’ arguing that smaller political organisations should not be allowed to affiliate to and support Labour under Jeremy’s leadership? Other organisations already do.

Finally there is one other issue we’d like to answer. Intentionally or not, ‘JC’s article could be read by some as saying Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership could be the cause of a split in Labour. The left must strongly and clearly explain that any split in Labour will not be the work of Jeremy Corbyn -or the Socialist Party- but of the right wing who want to both defend the free market economy and to preserve their careers.

To do this they have been happy to damage Labour’s prospects of beating the Tories. Working people deserve better, a party that offers complete change and a new society, and we must be resolute, not afraid in pursuing that.

To ‘JC’ we ask please concentrate determined fire on the Blairite right wing, not on socialists.

Birmingham Socialist Party


‘Tom Watson’s Trots and Peter Taaffe’s delusions of grandeur’

The red-baiting, McCarthyite “Trotskyist infiltration” (non-) story has probably been one of the low points of this leadership election so far, and considering the apparently limitless willingness of our party’s bureaucracy to subvert this contest and exclude as many people as possible, that is saying something. It’s little more than a surprisingly amateurishly executed pound-shop Zinoviev Letter and has also had the unfortunate effect of bringing the lamentable and unendurably smug Michael Crick back into the limelight for another five minutes of fame and a few book sales.

The idea that the Trotskyist left, which I suspect numbers less than a thousand active members in the UK and whose two “largest” groups have publicly refused to join the Labour Party (and the evidence I see before my eyes in Birmingham is that they are keeping that promise, much as they find it enormously frustrating) is patently ludicrous. The party membership has tripled in the last twelve months. It is a conspiracy theory propagated by people who know it to be a lie, and it is all the more loathsome for its brazen dishonesty.

The usually sure-footed Tom Watson, source of this nonsense, has not covered himself in glory at all these last couple of weeks. People will not forget this. He has disgraced himself and his office.

We knew the right would throw everything they could at Corbyn. It was always going to be a dirty election and it has delivered. The stakes are high and we are dealing with people with no scruples.

But rather more surprisingly, former Militant Tendency (now uninspiringly called the Socialist Party, a major drop down in the left group naming stakes) godfather, Peter Taaffe, still going strong at 73, has got himself a few cheap headlines by telling anyone who will listen that he expects to be re-admitted to the party if Corbyn is re-elected.

Normally I would just dismiss this as a bit of mischievous, albeit slightly embarrassing publicity seeking by a man whose best days are long behind him. But there is a serious point here and it does him and his organisation no credit.

He is no fool. He knew the effect that these words would have, the effect it would have on Corbyn and the awkward position it would put the leadership team. It would be yet another round of bad headlines to fend off, would cement in the minds of a few waverers that Corbyn’s leadership would inevitably split the party, and give credence to Watson’s nauseating tosh.

So why do it? Why make the job of a man and movement you claim to support that much harder? Are a couple of days of headlines, a handful of extra recruits, a few more papers sold, website clicks and maybe the chance to relive the glory years, when the Militant actually meant something and was able to impact on British politics, really worth it?

If Corbyn loses, and let’s not pretend this is a done deal, and this story can be in anyway seen as a turning point, would it have been worth it then? And would it help to prove that the hundreds of thousands of people who joined the Labour Party in the hope of a better world were wrong all along and that we could never try and make the Labour Party a mass movement for democratic socialism, and that “comrade” Taaffe was right all along? Was that his goal?

And if not, what on earth was he thinking?



Keep Corbyn, Stand Firm For Socialism

From The Socialist, paper of The Socialist Party

Hull, Leeds, Liverpool, Bristol, Merthyr Tydfil. Across Britain the biggest left rallies in a generation are taking place in defence of Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership of the Labour Party. The Blairites’ attempted coup has mobilised a second wave of support for Corbyn, bigger even than the first one that thrust him into the Labour leadership eleven months ago. What is noticeable is the mood of openness and preparedness for unity and democracy.

Opposing and attempting to defeat the movement behind Jeremy are all the forces of the capitalist establishment, within Labour and without. It would therefore be wrong for anyone to be complacent about the outcome of the election. Nonetheless, so far each attempt by the right to try and gerrymander the election has been met with defiance by the movement and has, at least partially, been thwarted.

When the Labour National Executive Committee (NEC) demanded that supporters – and members who had joined after 12 January – pay a hefty £25 in just 48 hours in order to be able to vote in the leadership election, an incredible 187,000 people did so. It has been reported, however, that 40,000-50,000 were to be ruled out, in a further desperate attempt to fix the election.

March through Birmingham City Centre last month in support of Corbyn


The best answer is for Corbyn to appeal to potential voters on a clear anti-austerity platform – with his programme of last year as a starting point. Some of his recent announcements, including pledging to build 500,000 council homes in his first term, to introduce rent controls, and to end privatisation of the health service, are welcome and have the potential to be enormously popular.

The huge support for Jeremy is because he is seen as representing a break with the pro-capitalist, pro-austerity, pro-war politicians that have dominated parliament for the last 20 years. Far from retreating from his initial programme, he would gain more support by building on it. He should, for example, call unequivocally for nationalising the steel industry. A call on Labour councils not to implement any more cuts to public services, the position agreed at the Unite and GMB conferences, would also be very popular.

Economist David Blanchflower has viciously attacked Corbyn’s Labour, alleging it “does not have a credible economic plan” because it fails to “accept the realities of capitalism and modern markets.” The most effective way to answer this is to state clearly that Labour defies the ‘realities of capitalism’, which mean misery for millions. To fully do so would mean Labour nationalising the major banks and corporations which dominate the economy, under democratic workers’ control and management, in order to begin to build a democratic socialist society, run in the interests of the majority instead of for the profits of a few.

These issues are important, not only for the leadership contest, but for beyond it. Even in the best, most likely scenario of Jeremy again winning with a large majority, it will not resolve the issues. The civil war, now it is out in the open, cannot be simply called off. There is no possibility of the Labour right accepting Jeremy Corbyn as leader, as they themselves have made very plain.

The Blairite MP Wes Streeting declared: “We’ve crossed the Rubicon, there’s no going back. This is irreparable while Jeremy remains leader.” Owen Smith himself said: “I think there is every likelihood that the party will split if Jeremy wins this election. I don’t think it’s a risk, I think it’s a likelihood.” Of course, at this stage no-one will admit to planning to split. But that is always the case in a war situation – all sides keep talking peace until the moment they declare war.

However, it is not certain that the right will take this path in the short term. It is clear that they themselves are feeling their way, reeling under the shock of a radicalised working class daring to interfere in ‘their’ party and to threaten their careers. It is possible that they will all hesitate and cling on, hoping to overthrow Corbyn at some future point, or that some will split while others remain. As George Eaton put it in the New Statesman: “Many [of the PLP] now believe that is only through a general election that the party’s internal struggle will be resolved.” What they mean by this is that Theresa May will do their job for them by calling an early election, defeating Corbyn, and they imagine, forcing him to resign.


While the right are in disarray, the tasks of the left are clear. The NEC results show clearly their increased strength within the Labour Party. The slate recommended by the Jeremy Corbyn supporting organisation, Momentum, won all the constituency seats with a much increased electorate. They received an average of around three times as many votes as in 2014, in an important step forward. At the same time support for the right also increased to around double what they received in 2014. And at this stage the Labour Party’s structure remains extremely undemocratic.

The worst response to Jeremy’s re-election would be to attempt to make peace with the Blairites. Instead a serious campaign is required to consolidate the victory and to transform the Labour Party into a genuinely anti-austerity, socialist party. This means taking on the main bases of establishment Labour, in the Parliamentary Labour Party (PLP), the national party apparatus and, locally, the big majority of Labour councillors.

The national structures of the Labour Party would also need to be opened out and democratised. To mobilise the maximum possible support, there should be a return to the founding structures of the Labour Party which involved separate socialist political parties coalescing with the trade unions and social movements like women’s suffrage campaigners and the co-operative movement. That federal approach applied to today would mean allowing political parties that were prepared to sign up to a clear anti-austerity programme to affiliate to Labour as the Co-op Party still does.

A fight should be launched for the immediate introduction of mandatory re-selection which would allow local parties to replace their MPs at the next general election. Unite conference passed a motion calling for this, moved by a Socialist Party member, and Unite should now fight for this at the upcoming Labour Party conference. At the same time more decisive action would need to be taken before to bring the parliamentary party into line. MPs should have the Labour whip only if they agree to accept the renewed mandate for Corbyn and his anti-austerity, anti-war policies.

For the right-wing MPs, who believe in their right to sit in parliament is God-given, this reasonable democratic demand is justification for them to split. George Eaton quotes one of them as saying: “If, however, the hard left pursue deselections then those ejected from power would most likely feel compelled into a separate party option, which really would be a disastrous split.”

Let them go! Those on the left that quail at a split in the Labour Party have to face up to what pacifying the right requires; a complete capitulation to the pro-capitalist elements of the Labour Party. Nothing else will satisfy them. Only if they are given their own way, their careers protected and, most importantly, the Labour Party confined entirely in the capitalist framework of austerity, privatisation and war, will they condescend to remain in a party with the left. A return to the socialist MPs within the Labour Party being like prisoners, able to smuggle a few notes out between the bars but nothing more, is the only basis on which the Blairites can live with the left.


Jeremy Corbyn speaks in Birmingham


Many Labour supporters will fear that a split would weaken the Labour Party. In fact the opposite would be the case. True a Blairite split away would – at least initially – dramatically decrease the number of Labour MPs in Westminster. But a group of 40, or even 20 or 30, MPs who consistently campaigned against austerity and defended workers in struggle, would do far more to strengthen the fightback against the Tories than 232 ‘Labour’ MPs, a majority who vote for austerity, privatisation and war.

A re-founded anti-austerity Labour Party could quickly make electoral gains. One YouGov opinion poll estimated that a Corbyn-led Labour Party following a right split would receive 21% of the vote, while if the right successfully kept the Labour name, Corbyn’s party would receive 14% of the vote. Either scenario would give a solid electoral base which could rapidly be built on. Let’s remember that Greek party Syriza, initially on an anti-austerity platform, went from under 5% to winning a general election in just a few years, while Podemos in Spain has gone from not existing to vying for power in an even shorter time.

The movement in support of Corbyn opens up a very important opportunity for working class people in Britain. It creates the possibility of the formation of a new radical workers’ party, able to attract all those workers and youth wanting to fight back against capitalism.

Come To The Lobby Of The TUC!

The EU Referendum result has plunged the Tories into crisis. Cameron – the architect of the most brutal austerity offensive for 90 years is history as is Osborne! Boris’s leadership ambitions are in tatters. We can all celebrate this outcome along with Farage’s resignation. Their weakness makes the attempted Blairite coup against Jeremy Corbyn all the more unforgivable and needs to be defeated. May’s Tory government is without authority nor legitimacy yet they still intend to plough on with the cuts. We have to get ALL the Tories out but how?

nssn We need to bring together all the struggles against the Tories. Teachers and lecturers finished the academic year on strike with plans for more action in the autumn term. Junior doctors have voted by nearly 60% to reject an inadequate deal but the Tories still intend to impose. We can’t let them fight alone. We need mass co-ordinated strike action to bring together these disputes and the many others that are taking place every week.

 For the 7th year, the National Shop Stewards Network is organising a rally and lobby before the start of TUC Congress – which this year is in Brighton on September 11th. It is open to Congress delegates and all trade union and anti-cuts campaigners. We will be supporting Congress motions that argue for the mass action that can take on this weak and divided Tory government.

For info on transport to the lobby from Birmingham, phone/text 07771 931 185 or email brum.sp[at]hotmail.co.uk

Watch this video now then come to our meeting on Monday to discuss how we can build the socialist alternative